Impexon Developments is an Australian property company specialized in project development and management of Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets Home maker Centres and Commercial properties.

The company has well established, successful track record in property development and management of retail and commercial real estate for over more than 2 decades.

The Company is specialized in Development of Commercial Real Estate, Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets and Home Maker Centres.
Every development is strictly tenant demand driven.

Having long established business relationship in the leasing market with many national and local retailers enables the company to constantly
monitor, liaise with tenants for their leasing requirements, the catalyst
and the corner stone for many successful property developments.

With years of property development and project leasing expertise behind us,
combined with creative design ideas, it is always our objective to maximize the lease ability of new projects and deliver it in a cost effective way. Maximising value within acceptable level of risk. Our knowledge underwrites what property investors want: the right returns.

All properties have use by date investment life. Future capital value diminishes either due to inefficient property management or as often the case lack of long term property investment strategy. Revitalisation and repositioning of an investment property by application of new creative visionary, yet practical cost effective design that will meet leasing market expectations is the answer for growth and optimum property performance.

Managing the development process from its inception, planning designing and project delivery on time and budget what we know the best. From the concept to the reality is a road we know and travel well.

Real estate investments like any other investment works only when values increase and there is steady financial growth. Precise understanding how property investments work will maximize the performance of a asset within it's market place. Optimising the income stream, running a cost effective property management system combined with strict discipline business management principles is the answer.

Our Property management is driven to maximising values cash flow within exceptable risk.